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Roofing companies trust us to photograph and find damage to a potential customer. Images can be used for retail or insurance roofing. Images can also be used to help with Hover/Eagleview sometimes. All photos are HD so they can be zoomed in to find items such as hail damage.

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eliminate risk

By using a drone we eliminate the risk of your employees/contractors falling/hurting themselves on a high roof. No need for 20+ foot ladders for townhomes anymore!


All packages can be modified and these are only a rough guide to our pricing for Roofing. Please reach out for more information.

Residential is classified as a roof between 0 and 50 squares.

Commercial is classified as a roof of 50+ squares. Price varies on amount of squares.

Commercial Roofing

Package for any commercial property
$ 125-200
  • All roof features photographed

Residential Roofing

Package for any residential home
$ 75
  • All roof features photographed
Amazing views start with us!

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