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Residential Real Estate

We work exclusively with agents to elevate their marketing for the business and all of their properties. View base packages below.


We will capture stunning images of the property/lot to showcase the land and any features it might have.


We create professionally edited videos to showcase the exterior of the property and what may be around it.

Surrounding Areas/Views

We will take photos/videos of the surrounding neighborhood, views, cities, etc to show where a property is and what’s around it!

White Quadcopter Drone Flying Hoovering Blue Sky


You can choose different ways for delivery. Dropbox, Google Drive, or a custom domain!

Residential Packages

These are our base packages, we offer custom quotes as well if these don’t fit your needs!


Ideal for properties with less than 5 acres of land.
$ 115
  • 5-10 Edited Images
  • 20 second video


10-25 acres!
$ 250
  • 25-50 Edited Images
  • Custom 2-3 minute video
  • Custom Domain*


Ideal for properties with 5-10 acres of land.
$ 175
  • 10-25 Edited Images
  • Custom 1-2 minute video


SkyPix Aerial Photography is based in Frederick, MD and offers services for Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Weddings, Marketing Videos/Photos, Mapping, and anything else you can imagine! Our goal is quality and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we will shoot until it’s perfect! 

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